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Trucking is a serious business and so is obtaining the correct liability, cargo, physical damage (collision and/or comprehensive) and any other risks that you need to insure.

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Compare Big Rig Truck Insurance Quotes & Coverage. Top Companies offering Commercial Trucking Insurance.

Compare Big Rig Truck Insurance Quotes for commercial semi's and tractor trailer operations and find out what truck insurance will cost per month.
Insure your big rig trucks here with the best available commercial truck insurance companies. New startups accepted.

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Federal or State Mandated Primary Auto Liability
• We offer limits up to $2 million plus, we transmit state and federal filings promptly
to get or keep you in business fast.
Non-Trucking Liability (NTL)
• When truckers are under permanent lease to a motor carrier that provides their Primary Liability coverage, NTL provides liability coverage while they use their truck for most non-business, personal
use. NTL will not provide coverage when you are hauling any type of cargo, whether they are being paid or not, or coverage for any activities deemed to benefit the motor carrier.
Motor Truck Cargo
• Helps truckers cover the value of the cargo they haul as well as additional costs, such as debris removal, earned freight charges and more with separate limits and no additional deductible.
Motor Trucking General Liability (GL)
• Helps professional truckers meet a contractual requirement with GL—which pays for damages caused by them when they’re not driving.
Rental with Downtime
• Helps truckers get a temporary rental if their vehicle’s down due to a covered cause of loss; if a replacement can’t be found, it pays them up to the daily maximum limit to help them cover expenses—even if they can’t work.
Motor Truck Cargo Refrigeration Breakdown
• Provides truckers with legal liability protection for a loss due to accidental breakdown
of refrigeration or heating units.
Plus, you can purchase these Physical Damage coverages with or without
Liability coverage:
Permanently Attached Equipment
• Provides additional coverage for equipment, such as loaders and tarping systems,
when included in the stated amount.
Comprehensive Only
• Makes it easy for truckers to continue limited coverage while storing a vehicle
during the off-season.
Trailer Interchange
• Provides Physical Damage coverage to any non-owned trailer a trucker is using—
normally required when hauling a trailer under a Trailer Interchange Agreement.

Big Rig Insurance, compare leading companies near you. We will work hard to get you several quotes to choose from. Get started now!
Big Rig Truck Insurance, compare leading companies near you. Get your best deal.

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Big Rig Truck Insurance underwriting criteria.

Underwriting is the major operation of a truck insurance company because the underwriter determines the risk the truck insurer can take on and determining the necessary rate for such risks.

The underwriter is responsible for protecting the truck insurance company against adverse selection where high risk candidates pay more for coverage in proportion to the amount for coverage of low risk candidates. To prevent adverse selection, the underwriter must consider psychological, physical, and moral hazards when considering truck insurance applicants.

Commercial Truck Insurance brokers FL,GA,IA,IN,MD,KS,MD,NC,NE,NJ,OH,PA,SC and VA (888) 287-3449.
Commercial Truck Insurance FL,GA,IA,IN,MD,KS,MD,NC,NE,NJ,OH,PA,SC and VA.
Other considerations to insure big rigs are physical hazards-dangers which surround the property or individual that may jeopardize the operations of the insured. The truck insurance premium is determined by the law of averages as calculated by actuaries. Big Rig Truck Insurance Programs and insurance companies that issue them have become major suppliers of capital, and they rank among the nation's largest institutional investors because truck insurers invest premium payments into a wide range of revenue producing projects.

Get help with commercial Big Rig truck insurance coverage from our brokers in your state.

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The Federal Motor Carrier Act of 1980 requires interstate motor carriers to provide evidence of financial responsibility. One way to achieve this is to obtain a MCS-90 endorsement from an insurance company. An MCS-90 endorsement makes the insurance company a guarantor of the motor carrier’s ability to pay liabilities it may incur, including bodily damage associated with its drivers and vehicles, or property damage associated with pollution losses (for example, from hazardous materials spills). The primary purpose of requiring motor carriers to demonstrate financial responsibility is to ensure that liabilities incurred in hazardous material spills, for example, will be paid, even in the event of the bankruptcy of the responsible motor carrier.

MCS-90 indemnification is usually attached as a rider to other insurance coverage that motor carriers are required to have, but is distinct and separate from such coverage. Under MCS-90, the insurance company evaluates the credit risk of the firms it covers. It only becomes responsible for “hazard” risk when these firms become bankrupt, or otherwise unable to pay. In addition to MCS-90 indemnification, motor carriers also purchase insurance coverage that obligates the insurance company to reimburse them for liabilities and costs associated with accidents or hazardous spills.

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Big Rig Insurance Programs Help Truckers And Others

Big Rig Insurance Programs is going to be be your best place to get fast quotes and have professional brokers find what you need and present your options.

Big Rig Insurance Programs offer the top Semi & Tractor Trailer insurance companies with top notch service.
Big Rig Insurance Programs offer the top Semi and Tractor Trailer insurance companies with top notch service.

Because we help all insure truckers and help them find affordable Big Rig Truck Insurance coverage.

  • Owner Operators and Fleets
  • Contingent Cargo and Liability
  • Dump Trucks (Sand, Dirt, Gravel)
  • Hazardous Waste Haulers
  • General Commodities (Reefer, Flatbed, Dry Van)
  • Asphalt Haulers (Belly Dumps, Side Dumps, End Dumps)
  • Fuel Haulers (Gasoline, Crude Oil, Waste Oil, Hot Oil)
  • Wrecker Service / Tow Truck Operations
  • Brokerage Bonds / Contingent Cargo and Liability
  • Trucking Liability / Commercial Auto Insurance

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For the states of FL,GA,IA,IN,KS,MD,NC,NE,NJ,OH,PA,SC,TN or VA use the secure contact form below or call (888) 287-3449.

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Get started now and experience the difference when you talk to us about your Big Rig Commercial Truck Insurance, General Liability and Commercial Property insurance quotes and needs with decades of experience from our big rig trucking insurance agency representatives. Same day quote and bind available and we insure big rig trucks in several states (888) 287-3449. When insure big rig reviews your coverage's you save money
Free Big Rig Insurance Quotes – Experience Better

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In fact we have been insuring these business types for over 30 years in addition to our valuable Big Rig trucking clients.

Advertising Firms
Airport (Local/Regional)
Airport/Aviation (except Local/Regional)
Ambulance Service – Private
Ambulance Service – Municipal/Special Service District
Assisted Living (other than nursing homes)
Auto Dealership
Auto Repair/Garages
Bank – Foreign-Owned or US Branch of Foreign Bank
Bank – US-Owned
Beauty/Barber/Nail – Including Facial-Only Waxing Services Only
Beauty/Barber/Nail – Including Full Body Waxing and/or Massage Services
Bowling Lanes
Call Center, Telemarketing, or Direct Mail Services
Car Washes
Casino/Gambling Establishments
Catering Service – Including Banquet Halls & Facilities
Catering Service – No Banquet Halls & Facilities
Cemetery/Funeral Home
Coal Mines/Quarries
Condominium/Homeowners Associations
Consultants- All Other
Consultants- Including Drug Testing, Background Check or similar services
Contractor – Artisan Contractors
Contractor – Construction Company
Contractor – General Contractor
Counseling Centers
Country Clubs
Credit Operations – All Other
Credit Operations – Including check cashers, payday loan offices, factors and
similar operations
Daycare Center – Commercial
Daycare Center – Residential
Drug Rehabilitation Centers
Entertainment Industry
Executive Search Firms
Fitness Centers
Grocery Stores
Hotel/Motel Management Company – No Full-Service Restaurant or Bar
Hotel/Motel Management Company – With Full-Service Restaurant or Bar
Hotel/Motel Owner – No Full-Service Restaurant or Bar
Hotel/Motel Owner – With Full-Service Restaurant or Bar
Insurance Agents
Insurance Agents
Insurance Companies
Internet Company
Law Firm – Entertainment Law
Law Firm – Other than Entertainment law
Manufacturer – Garment Makers
Manufacturer – Adult Entertainment & Related Products
Manufacturer – All Other
Massage Services – All Other
Mortgage Companies
Nursing Home/Home Health Care Providers
Pawn Shop
Personal Companion Care Services
Personal Staffs/Family Trusts
Property Management Companies
Real Estate Agencies
Recreation/Membership Organization
Recreation/Membership Organization – All Other
Rent to Own Furniture Store
Rental Car Agencies
Repossession Services
Restaurant – Fast Food
Restaurant – Full Service/Non-Franchise
Retail Store – Adult Entertainment & Related Products
Retail Store – All Other
Schools – College/University
Schools – Public School
Schools – School District
Schools – All Other
Security Guard Services – All Other
Security Guard Services – Body Guard Services
Security Guard Services – Private Investigators
Stockbroker/SEC Registered Investment Advisor
Temporary Employment Agency
Transportation/Trucking – All Other
Transportation/Trucking – Municipal Transportation Services
Transportation/Trucking – Taxi Service
Travel Agency
Venture Capital Management
Veterinary Clinics

We help all truckers and insure Big Rig Truck owners with insurance and help with state and federal filing needs.
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