Trucking Operating authority transfer How do I notify FMCSA?

Question: How do I notify FMCSA of my motor carrier operating authority transfer?


FMCSA has revised and expedited its process for recording transfers of operating authority as of October 22, 2013. We provide this guidance on how to submit your information and to receive documentation of the transfer:
FMCSA must record all transfers of operating authority in order to recognize the transferee entity
No particular form is required for the transfer, and no fee applies
FMCSA information systems cannot display the completed transfer information until complete and accurate information is entered
In addition to obtaining operating authority registration, you must comply with requirements relating to financial responsibility (e.g., insurance), process agent designations, and MCS-150 completion (for USDOT #)
Complete and accurate transfer information includes:

Company name
Company US DOT number
Company MC Number
Transferee (buyer) name and contact information
Transferor (seller) name and contact information
Applicant’s representative name and contact information (if applicable)
Transferee signature
Transferor signature
Date transfer took place
Reporting your transfer does not complete all requirements for operation in interstate commerce. In addition to obtaining operating authority registration, you must comply with requirements relating to MCS-150 completion (US DOT numbers):

The transferor must fill out an MCS-150 indicating that that company is “out of business” in the “reason for filing” box,
The transferee must file a separate MCS-150 to apply for a new USDOT number if they don’t already have one (indicating “new application” in the “reason for filing” box)
Both MCS-150s should be submitted with the “complete and accurate transfer information” indicated above
You can fill out and print the MCS-150 form at:
To have the Form MCS-150 mailed to you, call 1-800-832-5660
You MUST MAIL or E-MAIL the completed application to the FMCSA; you may NOT fax it in
Send the information to:

Office of Registration and Safety Information, MC-RS
ATTN: Transfers
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
US Department of Transportation
Mailstop W65-205
1200 New Jersey Ave., S.E.
Washington, DC 20590
After this information is received:

The information about the transfer will be posted to the FMCSA Register
The information about the transfer will appear in the FMCSA web sites as “inactive”
You will receive a letter instructing you to pursue: Financial responsibility (e.g., insurance)
Designating a process agent (BOC-3 form)

After the insurance and BOC-3 form are in place:

The transfer is publicly displayed as “active” on FMCSA web sites
Entry of the transfer data into FMCSA’s information systems may prevent civil penalty or other roadside enforcement actions are taken against transferee companies for operating without the necessary operating authority registration
You will receive confirmation letter from FMCSA that your transfer has been recorded
This process may take up to 21 days after all other requirements for operation in interstate commerce have been met
For additional information, please contact the FMCSA help line at 800-832-5660.


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