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Dispatchers, often called fleet managers, are responsible for finding and assigning loads to drivers and providing the logistics to coordinate

loads from origin to destination for their assigned fleets. Dispatchers are measured by their performance, and the only way to achieve

successful performance is for each dispatcher to work as closely as he can with his assigned team of truckers.

There is, however, a high turnover rate among dispatchers that creates a situation in which dispatchers often do not know the drivers

personally. Furthermore, available research indicates that the behaviors of dispatchers are a key influence on a driver’s satisfaction and

likelihood of remaining with a particular carrier.

A recent study tried to identify the variables associated with dispatchers who have lower turnover among their drivers. They used drivers’

exit interviews to identify dispatchers’ attitudes, behaviors, personal demographics, and job characteristics. Results of the study suggested

that dispatcher responsiveness, that is, the degree of action taken by a dispatcher to follow through and resolve driver issues, is important

for reducing driver turnover.

Carriers should be encouraged to reevaluate the number of drivers that can effectively be managed by a single dispatcher. Finally, training

for dispatchers should incorporate human relations issues to better understand both the truckers’ concerns and their job demands.

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