Specialty Trucking Warehousing Operations

Big Rig Insurance Programs already insures Common Carriers and a multitude of other business types.

We now have exciting news and am able to offer coverage’s to some of the more complex operations that other agents and brokers may not have the ability to insure properly.

Specialty Trucking Warehousing Operations Truck Insurance and Commercial Property is easy and affordable now. From 1 unit to 40
Specialty Trucking Warehousing Operations Primary Auto Liability Truck Insurance and Commercial Property is easy and affordable now. From 1 unit to 40

Market Highlights:
• “A++” 15 Rated & Admitted Carriers
• Coverage for ocean cargo, warehousing operations
• Coverage is Multi-line and can be packaged to include Auto, Umbrella, and Workers’ Compensation coverage
• No limit on property exposure
• New ventures considered

Target Appetite:

Wholesale Products – Durable
• Motor Vehicle Supply & Parts
• Office Equipment
• Electrical/Hardware

Wholesale Products – Non-durable
• Frozen Goods/Groceries
• Clothing Stores, Footwear

Paper and allied products
• Pulp Mills, Pulp Goods
• Bags, Boxes, Containers
• Paperboard

Computer Equipment
• Computers, Storage Devices
• Calculating & Accounting Machinery
• Computer Terminals

Fabricated Metal Products
• Metal Cans & Containers
• Forging: Iron, Steel, Nonferrous
• Metal Forging & Stamping
• Coating, Electroplating, Polishing

Electric, Gas and Sanitary Services
• Radio and TV Broadcasting Stations
• Cable TV
• Electric Services
• Water, Steam & AC Supply

Electronic Equipment
• Electric Distribution & Transmission
• Electric Industrial Apparatus
• Electronic Components, Circuit Boards
• Coils, Transformers, Semiconductors

Plastic Products
• Plastics Film & Sheets
• Laminated Plate, Sheet & Pro
• Plastic Plumbing Fixtures
• Plastic Pipes, Bottles, Foam Products

• Metal Heat Treating
• Aluminum Castings
• Brass, Copper, Bronze Castings
• Foundries, Extruding, Smelting

Target Appetite

Buildings, Contents, Business Interruption
Warehouse Legal Liability
Motor Truck
Cargo Legal Liability including
Contingent Liability
Expanded coverage for Transportation Brokers
Comprehensive General Liability
Umbrella Liability
Workers’ Compensation

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