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Maryland has over 41,768 trucking companies including large tractor trailers, straight trucks, box trucks and more that need affordable Maryland Truck Insurance. We can help insure them.

Compare Maryland Truck Insurance with big rig insurance programs for Maryland semi's and tractor trailer operations.
Maryland Truck Insurance – Insure your Maryland big rig trucks here. New ventures to long time veterans.

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We can help Maryland preferred trucking companies from Oakland to Ocean City find owner operator and fleet insurance. We have coverage for Maryland Truck Insurance and for new ventures!

Maryland Truck Insurance for Large big rig vehicle insurance in the State of Maryland.
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Compare Maryland Big Rig Insurance overage’s for affordable truck insurance quotes.

Primary Liability
• We offer limits up to $2 million in Maryland plus, we transmit state and federal filings promptly
to get or keep you in business fast.
Non-Trucking Liability (NTL)
• When truckers are under permanent lease to a motor carrier that provides their Primary Liability coverage, NTL provides liability coverage while they use their truck for most non-business, personal
use. NTL will not provide coverage when you are hauling any type of cargo, whether they are being paid or not, or coverage for any activities deemed to benefit the motor carrier.
Motor Truck Cargo
• Helps Maryland truckers cover the value of the cargo they haul as well as additional costs, such as debris removal, earned freight charges and more with separate limits and no additional deductible.
Motor Trucking General Liability (GL)
• Helps professional truckers meet a contractual requirement with GL—which pays for damages caused by them when they’re not driving.
Rental with Downtime
• Helps truckers get a temporary rental if their vehicle’s down due to a covered cause of loss; if a replacement can’t be found, it pays them up to the daily maximum limit to help them cover expenses—even if they can’t work.
Motor Truck Cargo Refrigeration Breakdown
• Provides Maryland truckers with legal liability protection for a loss due to accidental breakdown
of refrigeration or heating units.
Plus, you can purchase these Physical Damage coverages with or without
Liability coverage:
Permanently Attached Equipment
• Provides additional coverage for equipment, such as loaders and tarping systems,
when included in the stated amount.
Comprehensive Only
• Makes it easy for truckers to continue limited coverage while storing a vehicle
during the off-season.
Trailer Interchange
• Provides Physical Damage coverage to any non-owned trailer a trucker is using—
normally required when hauling a trailer under a Trailer Interchange Agreement.

Maryland Motor Carriers Services

The following titles are of particular interest for motor carriers and drivers:

For questions regarding any of these regulations, you can call the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration at 443-703-2240, the Maryland State Police, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division at 410-694-6100, or the Maryland State Highway Administration, Motor Carrier Division at 410-582-5734.

Title 11—Department of Transportation
Subtitle 04—State Highway Administration
11.04.01—Permits for Oversize and Overweight (OS/OW) Vehicles
11.04.02—General Conditions for Movement of OS/OW Vehicles
11.04.03—Specific Conditions for Movement of Certain OS/OW Vehicles
11.04.04—OS/OW Vehicles—Escort Vehicles, Signing and Lighting
11.04.11—Overweight Vehicle Permits for Certain Containerized Cargo Hauling
11.04.12—Local Delivery Truck Routes

Subtitle 07—Maryland Transportation Authority

11.07.01—Transportation of Hazardous Materials
11.07.02—Vehicle Size and Width Restrictions

Subtitle 11—Motor Vehicle Administration—Administrative Procedures
11.11.12—Commercial Driver’s License Disqualification

Subtitle 21—Motor Vehicle Administration—Commercial Motor Vehicles

Subtitle 22—Motor Vehicle Administration—Preventive Maintenance Program

We offer quality Maryland Truck Insurance in the following Maryland towns and cities.

•Bel Air
•Berwyn Heights
•Capitol Heights
•Chesapeake Beach
•Chesapeake City
•Chevy Chase, Town of
•Chevy Chase, Village of, Section 3
•Chevy Chase, Village of, Section 5
•Chevy Chase View
•Chevy Chase Village
•Church Creek
•Church Hill
•Clear Spring
•College Park
•Colmar Manor
•Cottage City
•Deer Park
•District Heights
•Eagle Harbor
•East New Market
•Fairmount Heights
•Forest Heights
•Garrett Park
•Glen Echo
•Havre de Grace
•Highland Beach
•Indian Head
•La Plata
•Landover Hills
•Loch Lynn Heights
•Mardela Springs
•Martin’s Additions
•Mount Airy
•Mount Rainier
•Mountain Lake Park
•New Carrollton
•New Market
•New Windsor
•North Beach
•North Brentwood
•North Chevy Chase
•North East
•Ocean City
•Pocomoke City
•Port Deposit
•Port Tobacco
•Princess Anne
•Queen Anne
•Rising Sun
•Riverdale Park
•Rock Hall
•St. Michaels
•Seat Pleasant
•Snow Hill
•Takoma Park

Maryland Truck Insurance Big Rig Insurance Programs insures Maryland tractor trailers, straight trucks, box trucks, buses and other large rigs. Get a rig quote and compare prices.
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We'll help you locate, compare and buy the best Maryland Truck Insurance. Get big rig, straight truck, or box truck quotes and compare prices.
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